Babi Badalov

biography Babi Badalov

Born 1959, Lerik, Azerbaijan, live in Paris


Solo Exhibitions:

2014     EASTERIA, (with Nikolay Oleynikov), Gandy gallery, Bratislawa

2013     PORTO - ПOPTO,  A Certain Lack of Coherence, Porto

2011      I Am Orna Mental, Gandy gallery, Bratislawa

2010     My life Report In Paris,  Tranzit Display gallery,  Prague

2008    The Persian Ambassador,  Freud’s Dreams Museum, Saint Peterburg,

2006    Poetry&drawing,  Galata Perform, Istanbul

2004    24 meters abrababibra,  Karvasla Art center, Tbilisi

2000    Trans-transavangarde, Miniature Art center, Baku,

1995    Art is Dead I am still an Artist,  Gallery 21, St.Peterburg

1994    Before-After, Gallery 103, St.Peterburg

1992    Bad people cant do good art,  Show and Tell Gallery, San Francisco

1991    I am ART EAST,  Will White Gallery, Eugene, Oregon


main exhibitions:


2014      Disparity and Demand, La Galerie, Noisy le Sec, Paris

2014      Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module, New Museum, New York

201     Tourist City, Pleridas museum, Larnaca, Cyprus

2013      SIASAT,  15 th Jakarta Biennale

2013      RE-ALIGNED ART,  Tromsø Kunstforening, Norway

2013      The Collection as a Character,  M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

2013      Enchanted Wanderer,  Centre for Culture  Garage” Contemporary Art, project in Chukotka.

2012      From Below, as a Neighbour ,  Drugo More, Rijeka Croatia

2012      Adaptaion,  Steirischer Herbst 2012 Graz, Austria

2012      It isn’t important, it’s only art… , Arsenal Gallery, Białystok, Poland,

2012      Migrasophia,  Maraya Art centre, Sharjah, UAE

2011      The Journey to the East MOCAK, (The Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow) 

2011      Passion bild,  Kunstmuseum Bern,

2011      Constitution of the Damned, Landings, Vestfossen, Norway

2011      54 th Venice Biennale, (Collateral events)

2011      The Journey to the East, Arsenal gallery, Bialystok, Poland

2011      East from 4°24,  M HKA,  Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

2010     MANIFESTA 8,  Murcia/Cartagena, Spain

2010      The Watchmen, the Liars, the Dreamers, Le Plateau, Center For Contemporary Art, Paris

2010      LONELY AT THE TOP, M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

2010      Actual Azerbaijani Art, Aydan gallery,  Moscow

2010      When One Has to Say WE, European University, St.Peterburg Russia

2010      Monument to Transformation,  Centrum Cultural Montehermoso Kulturunea, Vittorio – Gasteiz,  Spain

2009     Transfered Works,  Babi Badalov&Yesim Agaiglu, Artik Gallery, Istanbul

2009     ARTISTERIUM ,  Tbilisi, Georgia

2009     Monument to Transformation,  Center for  Visual Art Introspection,  Bucharest

2009     %100 Mobile  Exhibition, Artik  Gallery Istanbul

2009      MONUMENT TO TRANSFORMATION,  City Gallery Prague

2009      Very Simple Actions Without Any Particular Purpose, Gallery ARTRA, Milan

2009      4th International Baku Biennale

2009      Okno Ausstellingsraum”  Zurich, 

2008      Track and Field,  Tactile Bosch Art Gallery and Art Space, Cardiff

2008      1st  Chanakkale Biennale, Turkey

2008      18   International Istanbul Art Forum, Istanbul

2008      Step of Time, National Gallery Drezden

2007      The Raw, The Cooked And The Packaged, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2007      Back to Memory, Time Kumu Contemporary Art Museum, Tallin

2007      3 rd Baku Biennale, Baku

2007      On Greekom,  Benaki museum of Art, Athens

2007      Great Nostalge,  Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art museum, Prato

2007      Heterotopias, 1st International Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki

2007      1st Adana International Contemporary Art Biennale, Adana

2007      Karavansarai-Silk Road,  Karshi Senet art gallery, Istanbul

2007      Crossroads,  National Photography Tashkent

2006      Karavansarai,  Heart gallery, Paris

2006      Art Caucasus,  National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2005      Beyond Stereotypes,  International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tbilisi

2005      2nd International Baku Contemporay Art Biennale, Azerbaijan

2004      AZART, International Artists exhibition, Baku

2003      7&7,  Azeri and Georgian artists exhibition, Baku

2002      Orientalizm:Inside&outside,  Central Exhibition hall Baku

1996      Kabinet,  Stedelik museum, Amsterdam

1994      Alter, Martigny Museum of Art, Martigny

1993      Freedom of expression,  Craine Art gallery, New York

1992-94   What its Forbidden its Allowed, 2 years travelling exhibition through musems, galleries USA

1990-96   1st-2nd-4th Saint Peterburg Contemporary Art Biennale,  St Peterburg

1990      New Artists from Saint Peterburg,  National Gallery Mucharnok, Budapest

1990      Geopolitica, State Ethnography museum St Peterburg

1990      5 Artists from Saint Peterburg, Artconsult_Schnauke und Steinrotter gallery,Muenster

1989      Glasnost” Emden museum of Art, Emden

1988      40 years of Saint Peterburg Avangard, Art Pavillion St Peterburg



Russian Museum St. Petersburg  Russia, MuHKA Museum Contemporary Art Antwerpen, Azerbaijan State Museum of Art  Baku,  Kunstmuseum  Emden Germany,  Martigny Art Museum Switzerland, Dr. Oetcker Collections  Bielefeld Germany,
Arina Kowner collection  Zurich Switzerland, The Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, USA


 books :

 Reuter, Kerstin Jule. “GegenKunst in Leningrad”  Munchen, 1990

“Saint-Petersbourg Alter” Editions d’En Haut SA, 1993

 Bart De Bare, Victor Misiano. “Europe at Large. Art from the Former USSR” M HKA 2010

 Babi Badalov – “NUAGE”,  Published by Steirischer Herbst Festival GMBH Graz 2012 in collaboration with

“The Collecktion as character” , Museum of contemporaray art M HKA

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